Maintenance of Modulog Siding

Modulog Siding is made to last. Very little maintenance is needed to ensure years of trouble-free service and lasting good looks. That's because Modulog Siding is manufactured from western cedar, dimensionally stable wood that offers built-in resistance to insects and decay.

Treating Log Siding
To enhance longer wood life and provide a maintainable surface, Modulog Siding can be treated with a semi-transparent, oil-based stain such as Olympic Stains. Stains, rather than coatings, are desirable because they penetrate the wood and do not leave a film that cracks or peals. Semi-transparent oil-based stain will allow a natural appearance and protect against moisture. Most brands have rot and mildew inhibitors and will not peel or blister.

Log Siding Upkeep
Wood is not maintenance-free, and depending on how much exposure the siding has to moisture, sun, dryness or salt air, some amount of upkeep is needed. Normally a second application of stain will be needed after two to four years of exposure to the elements - possibly one year in extreme climates. After the second coat is applied you can expect longer periods between applications.

The need for refinishing your cedar log siding will be indicated by fading of the color, usually on the sunny side of the house. Make sure the siding surface is dry and clean before applying. Whether using a brush or sprayer, work in sections so excess stain can be wiped with rags before drying to allow an even distribution of stain and a uniform appearance. Adhere to manufacturer's directions and precautions.

NOTE: Oily rags are a fire hazard, saturate all used oily rags with water and dispose of in covered container.