Turn Your New Home Into a Log Home

Modulog Cedar Log Siding, with its crisscrossing solid-log corners, brings an authentic log look to new homes. Far more affordable than manufactured or hand-crafted logs, Modulog log siding is also easy to install - just place it right over standard frame construction. With Modulog, you can eliminate costly log-home hassles with insulation, plumbing, wiring, and eventual shifting and settling, which are so common in heavy-log construction.

The Difference Is in the Corners
More than 40 years ago, we developed an affordable alternative to expensive solid log construction: Modulog's patented corner system. Our corner system - with log ends 7 inches in diameter bonded to 8-foot lengths of cedar log siding - provide the authentic, rustic look of logs. Take a look at our photos. You won't believe these aren't solid log cabin homes!

Practical, Cost-Saving Benefits
Modulog is manufactured from kiln-dried, select tight-knot grade of Western Red cedar and is precision machined for a weather-tight fit to increase insulation against heat, cold, moisture and noise. Since we use 75% less wood than in customary logs, Modulog weighs less and is easier to handle. That keeps our shipping prices low and makes installation easy enough for any homeowner who enjoys a do-it-yourself project.

Interior Possibilities
Use Modulog log siding inside your home to give any room a rustic log cabin atmosphere. You can select the rooms where you want a log-home feel. Conventional paneling or sheetrock walls may be best in the kitchen and bathrooms. But in the living areas, Modulog can be used to create a warm and relaxing rustic log cabin atmosphere.

"Most of our customers say, 'We always wanted to live in a log home, but thought we could never afford it.' Modulog gives homeowners the warmth and rustic beauty of a log cabin home with all the advantages of conventional frame construction."
— Ron Berge, Modulog President

Our Accessories page has photos of components to complete your log home look.

View new construction homes using Modulog Cedar Log Siding.