As featured in: Cabin Life Magazine


by Lucie B. Amundsen
With some TLC, and a couple of strategic additions, a well-sited fixer-upper becomes a beloved retreat one project at a time.
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Exterior Upgrades:

Nothing adds presence to a place like a substantial porch – or, in this case, a covered deck. "In this part of the country, we're not really bothered by mosquitoes, so open air works for us," says Dale.

This project involved fastening full-sized local fir trees in a pyramid shape to give the deck roof its vaulted effect. "The covered deck, more than anything, changed the way we spend time at the cabin. We get a lot of rain here but can still be outside," says Dale, who enjoys puzzles with his neighbors, Greg and Marilyn, late into the season under the deck's heat lamp.

To finish the exterior changes, Dale searched for the right siding to replace the original blue plywood siding. He found Modulog – a type of log siding with patented crisscrossing log corners that he was able to install over the existing siding. "I found it online and thought, 'Wow that is really neat,'" says Dale. The siding is cut in such a way that it looks like a whole log on the ends and gives the place a real log cabin look with a lot less maintenance. "It totally changed the whole feeling of the cabin, then we put steel on the roof and, wow, it was like a whole new place."